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  • Magnetic power clutch Maintain knowledge
  • Author:  Source:  Time:2012-4-5 22:19:24
  • Magnetic power clutch Maintain knowledge

    Magnetic Particle Clutch / Brake Characteristics
    (1) high-precision torque control
    Torque control with a very wide scope, and high control precision, to convey torque and exciting current into the correct proportion to achieve high-precision control.
    (2) superior durability, long life
    Use of heat, wear resistance, oxidation, corrosion resistance of super-super-alloy powder, long life.
    (3) the stability of a fixed superior torque characteristics
    Good magnetic properties of magnetic gas, and silt between the binding force of stability, sliding torque is very stable, has nothing to do with the relative rotational speed to maintain a constant torque can be sustained.
    (4) Continuous operation of the use of sliding
    Cooling effect of a good and uniform thermal deformation of the cooling structure, coupled with the high heat-resistant powder to allow the sliding links and braking power and big power, able to smooth sliding operation, will not cause vibration.
    (5) link sleek, non-shock
    Link the minimal impact to no impact on the smooth when start and stop. And the resistance torque is extremely small, does not cause unwanted heat.
    (6) suitable for high-frequency operation
    Quick response and special cooling structure for the use of high frequency operation.
    (7)lightweight, maintenance-free, long life
    Simple and lightweight type, use the high temperature of the coil and special grease bearings, and wear of the armature against prone to impose special handling wear and prolong


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