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  • Air shaft introduction
  • Author:  Source:  Time:2012-10-22 19:56:43
  • Tectonic theory, characteristics:

    Expansion of compressed air shaft in principle to change the diameter of the shaft, then with the volume of close integration to facilitate the entire volume of material sent coiling, and promote production of the online operation of a reasonable, simple, accurate and automated. Widely used in aluminum vacuum machine, Slitter, Winder, complex machine, coating machine, wetlands complex machines, crowded complex machines, printers and so on the packaging, plastics and printing and paper industry volumes on the Shoufang .

    - Expansion of the key principle axis icon:

    Expansion of the key axis standard format

    Expansion of the key technical parameters axis



    When not inflated diameter After filling in diameter Volume of the applicable diameter
    1" Ф24.8 Ф27~Ф28        Ф25~Ф26
    1.5" Ф37 Ф40~Ф42        Ф38~38.5
    2" Ф49 Ф52~Ф54         Ф50~51
    3" Ф74~Ф75 Ф80~Ф82        Ф75.5~78
    4" Ф99 Ф104~Ф106        Ф101~102
    5" Ф125 Ф130~Ф133        Ф126~128
    6" Ф150 Ф154~Ф156        Ф151~153
    8" Ф200 Ф206~Ф213        Ф202~204
    10" Ф250 Ф260~Ф264        Ф252~256
    12" Ф300 Ф308~Ф310        Ф302~305
    Use: The drug authorities in the points, printing, Winder, coating, a paste, bag, paper making machinery, or other relationship really need a round or higher from the surface and feed with the use of the structure.

    Gas rose axis physical picture

    Gas rose axis accessories: gas nozzle, air pistol

    Gas finished up axis


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