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  • How to maintain the electromagnetic brake?
  • Author:  Source:  Time:2012-10-22 19:53:13
  • Simple analysis of the electromagnetic brake maintenance as following:
    1.Frequently keep electromagnetic brake external clean and clear the dust of different parts  ;
    2.Regularly check the lubrication situation of the rotating parts,and add amount lubricating oil to activity component, keep the rotating parts action flexible and reliable;
    3. Frequently inspect if the temperature of electromagnetic brake coil is in the normal range, if it not in the normal range, then you should stop the brake running and check;
    4. Regularly check if the gap between the brake pad and brake wheel working face is uniform (less than 0.7 mm), if more than this value, you should undertake adjustment;
    5. Regularly inspect if the lubrication conditions of moving core and copper flat are good or not, iron core suction close without crash or sliding has inflexible phenomenon;
    6. Regularly check if the fastening bolt of the electromagnetic brake has abnormal situation ,such as the loose phenomenon.
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