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  • Clutch brake assembly
  • Author:admin  Source:  Time:2012-12-21 16:17:03
  • Clutch brake assembly:

    1. Armature attract time, time from the current flowing to the armature attract and began to produce torque.
    2. Torque increase time, time from start production torque to achieve 80% rated torque of.
    3. Torque rise time, time from the current flowing to achieve 80% rated torque.
    4. Torque disappear time, time from the current broken torque reduce to 10% rated torque.

    5.Initial lag time, time from the electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake operation input began to enter the clutch and brake ontology enable input or release the input.

    6. Actual connection time, from the electromagnetic clutch began to produce torque to complete connection of the time.
    7. Actual manufacturing time, from the electromagnetic brake began to produce torque to brake completion.
    Electromagnetic clutch brake assembly model recommendation: TJ - POG, TJ - POB, TJ - POF, TJ - POH, TJ - POA, TJ - POE.



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