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  • Powder clutch working principle
  • Author:  Source:  Time:2012-12-21 16:01:01
  • Magnetic powder clutch working principle and characteristics introduction:
    Magnetic powder clutch transmit torque by magnetic powder, with fluid clutch fluency, which have both equivalence and high efficiency as friction clutch coupling characteristics. Taiji transmission as domestic magnetic powder clutch manufacturing leader, accumulating a wealth of technical experience through a lot of actual application and research and development, which can satisfied the user's requirements. Magnetic powder clutch is also suitable for buffer start, power absorption and safety protection equipment installation, etc.
    Magnetic powder clutch working principle
    Firstly,when cutting off the power supply, excitation coil was no electricity, magnetic powder clutch in free state, can't transfer torque. At this time, magnetic iron powder stick to the magnetic gap peripheral due to centrifugal force action.
    Secondly, when supplying power, magnetic iron powder in the flux in the magnetic gap as chain form links up, and then transfer torque.
    Thirdly, heat dissipation principle, through the compressed air blowing gap cooling, can rapidly improve the magnetic powder clutch friction heat capacity.


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