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air shaft

    Name:air shaft
Inflatable Shaft
Expanding shaft has advantages of convenient operation,quick without damage rolls etc.

1' standard model.jpg.jpg



Diameter(D) when not inflatable Diameter in  inflatable Wide-used pipe inner diameter
1' standard model 25MM 28-32 MM 26-30 MM
2' standard model  49 MM 52-54 MM 50.5-52 MM
 3' standard model  74 MM 79-81 MM 75.5-78.5 MM
 6' standard model 149 MM 155-157 MM 151-153MM
 L2+70 Length  2' 3'   6'
 600-1000MM  8-12(KG)  15-20(KG)  Calculated
 1000-1300MM  12-14(KG)  20-25(KG)  Calculated
 1300-1600MM  14-16(KG)  25-30(KG)  Calculated
 1600-2000MM  16-20(KG)  30-38(KG)  Calculated


usage:It is widly used printing,cutting,coating,compounding and other machineriess releasing and winding scroll.

Mechanically Expanded sfafts were made of aluminum alloy or steel construction,all air expansion shaft we can according to customer's drawing,welocm OEM and ODM.

1,Key tapy pneumatic expanding shaft: ourside diameter varies in Φ36.Φ48.Φ56.Φ74.Φ100.Φ118.Φ150.Φ200.Φ300

2,Aluminum tile pneumatic expanding shaft:Φ74,Φ118

3,common shaft:fromΦ30-Φ1000.



Inflatable Shaft Inflatable Shaft


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