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inflatable shaft

    Name:inflatable shaft

TJ-ISO1 inflatable shaft



This type of air shaft is widely used in slitting machine, cutting machine, coating machine,laminating machine, compounding machine and other machineries’s releasing and winding scroll.



 1.  Air shaft adopts foreign advanced production equipment and fabrication technology, using imported airbag, shaft head for the high quality steel products with nigrescence process, attrib wattle using excellent aluminum and hard oxide, use convenient and long operate life.

2.  When using, match with our company’s professional configuration of the aerate gun filling gas for the nozzle jet, to make the shaft of off-axle apperance uniform expansion, thereby lock nitrogen-treated barrel,

3.  When unloading, press on deflated mouth to deflated, then nitrogen-treated barrel can be unloaded.
4.   Performance and advantages: Board type air shaft in practical applications, it has advantages of convenient operation,quick, air shaft has big stress area, the stress distribution uniformity etc. 




Winding drum core standard

Unearated axis external diameter

Inflated bulging block diameter      

1.5 "


?40 - ?42mm

2 "


?53 - ?55mm

3 "


?79 ?82mm

4 "


?104 ?106mm

4.5 "


?124 ?126mm

6 "


?155 ?158mm

8 "


?205 ?208mm




inflatable shaft.jpg

basic construction.jpg






inflatable shaft tu.jpg




order chart




Factory gate-small


TJ-ISO1 inflatable shaft

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