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HuaShuo Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.

estate development, mainly engaged in home sales, property management business real estate development enterprises, the company was founded in 2005 with a registered capital of 20.3 million yuan, is a high-integrated  stronge, the development of  the large private enterprises.

Company since established yilai, in "build boutique community, led residential trend" of products concept and market positioning, with in urban gold lots of land resources advantage, for real estate development, and development "Moon Bay ? Riverside International Garden", and "Huashuo ? wealth square", and "Huashuo ? Riverside Howe Chamber", and "Huashuo ? water Bank South", and "Huashuo ? Lake Mansion" , multiple real estate.


Capital, strong technical force, with a number of high-quality real estate development and management professionals, and has a number of technical skills, credibility of the construction and technical personnel, from planning, design, land acquisition and relocation, construction management, marketing, process development, independent contract a large development and construction of residential areas and public facilities.

"Brand management, brand development, integrity to win customers" is our management philosophy, "the pursuit of excellence, perfection" is our quality policy of "developing a project for the benefit of people, set up a party reputation" is our unremitting pursuit.

· In recent years , under the leadership of General Manager of the company, all employees working together, worked hard, made rapid development of enterprises, further enhances the overall strength and development potential. Future, we will continue to insisted "development is hard truth" of guideline, to advanced of development concept, and mature of development experience, and hon and trustworthy of business style, together, develop innovation, in fierce of market competition wave in the, waves, again lift venture new climax, efforts put company, construction became we local most with competitiveness of real estate Enterprise one of, for improved I city of housing conditions and landscaping city face made more big of contribution.

· New era , in order to meet the needs of market competition, the company, the company will be in accordance with "honesty, customer first, create products, to serve the public," principles of operation, all employees working together, worked hard, "brand management, brand development, integrity to win customers" work, and the "pursuit of excellence, perfection" operating principles, and actively carry out the production work, enterprises have achieved great development and progress, and enhance the overall strength and development potential.

·  The future , we will, as always, adhere to the "development is the absolute principle," the guiding ideology, to advanced development concepts, development of mature experience, honest business style and make concerted efforts to blaze new trails, in the fierce market competition, wind and waves, reviving the entrepreneurial new upsurge, real estate development companies are going hard, Become one of the most competitive in our local real ate companies, to improve the city's housing conditions and make greater contribution to beautify the urban environment.

Jiangxi Huashuo industrial investment limited             phone: 0795-5281138
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